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Inclusive education refers to how we construct and design our schools, classrooms, programmes, and activities so that children with varying disabilities can study and participate in the same environment as their peers.

Learning disabled students are brilliant and require a change in the educational technique. It’s also based on years of research that indicates that when inclusive education is done successfully, children gain self-confidence, a good self-image, social behaviours, as well as the academic and other. It encourages parents to participate in their children’s education as well as the activities of their local schools. Inclusive settings create a typical life for children who are accepted by their peers, have friends and lead regular lives.

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Mr.Caretaker (a wing of Prajha Trust) recognises the benefits of inclusive education and plans to adopt government schools for the inclusion of children with learning difficulties alongside regular students. They seek to fund classroom expenses such as table costs, lab costs, and so on.

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